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In this day and age it’s vitally important for any business (especially an online one) to have a strong presence on social media. People don’t just use the social platforms to show off what they had for breakfast (even though it might feel that way sometimes). They use them for info, opinions, research, browsing, purchasing, the whole lot! So when you’re a new business it’s important to build your social following.

DO post content that your particular audience will find interesting and DO post regularly. DO NOT post nonsense three times a day just to get your number of posts up. It’ll just annoy users and you’ll lose more people than you’ll gain. By posting engaging, interesting, informative content a few times a week, you’re much more likely to build trust and gain a greater following. If you need some ideas for content you can find it here in one of our previous blogs. And finally don’t forget about platforms like LinkedIn and Pinterest. Used correctly they can be just as lucrative as the likes of Facebook and Instagram.


Create Content

Firstly it’s important to have a good Content Marketing Strategy. Plan a regular series of blogs and posts that are useful and informative to your target audience. Use the marketing calendar you’ve created to schedule them in over the coming months and make sure you stick to it. It won’t happen immediately but by regularly posting quality content that people enjoy reading, you’ll begin to grow your audience and increase traffic to your website. Make sure you promote your blogs via email and through your social channels to maximise your potential reach.


You Gotta Spend Money To Make Money

As the old saying goes, you’ve got to spend money to make money and in this instance I’m talking about online advertising. Some companies spend hundreds of thousand of dollars every month on online ads as they know how imperative they are to making sales. Now no one is expecting you to fork out that kind of money on ads straight away but it’s vital that once you’re website and social channels are firing, that you dip your toe into the world of online ads. Whether it’s Google or Bing display, Paid Search or Social ads, you need to get involved. If you want to know how to run Paid Social ads you can check out our recently launched training program here. It gives you all the knowledge you’ll need to create, run and analyse a Paid Social campaign.


Knowledge is Power

Make sure you’re regularly analysing all of your data. That includes audience insights, website traffic, social media engagement, advertising campaigns, email activity. Basically ALL the data you have. It’s so important to stay on top of what’s working and which areas need attention.  When it comes to audience behaviour on your website, our partner Hotjar is second to none. Their technology enables you to understand how your audience behaves on your site, what they need, and how they feel. The more you understand how your audience is engaging with your brand, their online behaviour and what their needs are, the more likely you are to increase engagement, trust, traffic, sales, the lot!

If you missed part one of this blog you can check it out here.

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