Landing pages have the potential to create a great deal of profit for businesses. The best landing pages have a perfect mix of information, creativity and CTA (call to action) features.

In this blog, we are going to introduce you to four essential elements to create a landing page that will boost your conversions.

Organised and Concise Layout and Content

The first thing that attracts users to your landing page is the look of the page. If users find it easy to navigate through the page, they are likely to stay for longer. So, keep your landing page simple and free of distractions, with the right amount of information to guide users through the conversion funnel and create a great user experience.

The main objective of your landing page should be to make it as convenient as possible for users to find the right CTA to convert. Make sure you use background and font colours that make it easy to read for users. Having a contrasting colour between the background and the CTA button can make the button stand out more and create a higher chance of conversion.

The most important information should be placed at the start of the page, as users know that they can scroll down for additional information if they are interested to learn more. This means the main points should be bold and concise and make users click a CTA button as soon as they can. 

Call to Action

It is essential to have CTAs throughout your landing page so that users can perform actions that are the most valuable and profitable to you.

The CTA you choose at any time should be directly related to the content adjacent to it. For example, if you have a form that you would like your users to fill out, there should be a ‘Submit’ button immediately after that.

Having too many CTAs can also confuse users and they may choose to ignore all of them and leave your landing page without making any actions. Hence, it is important to place CTAs strategically so that users are enticed to click on them. For example, when you are stating the benefits of your product or service, it is a good idea to add a ‘Book Now’ or ‘Buy Now’ button next to it.

Trust Signals

Throughout your landing page, it is essential to use trust signals so that users can feel safe and comfortable with your brand and your landing page.

Trust signals are elements that are often displayed on websites and at physical points-of-sale in businesses to help customers feel more secure in their decision to buy a specific product or service.

One of the most widely used form of trust signal on landing pages are testimonials or product reviews. This gives users reassurance in the brand and the product or service they are looking to purchase.

Another effective tool to increase trust in your landing page is the use of trust badges. These are usually endorsements from other businesses you have affiliated with, or recognitions you have received, that give users a better idea of your business connections and skills.

User Friendliness

Having a landing page that is easy to navigate and fast on all devices can help to target a wider range of users. The landing page you create should be easy to navigate on a mobile device, laptop and tablet.

‘Over 50% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices.’

If required, you should take the time to create a unique landing page for mobile devices as having a mobile friendly landing page can almost double your conversions.

The purpose of landing pages is to make users convert. We hope that these essential elements can help you to create an effective landing page that will boost your online conversions.

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