Welcome to 2020, everyone – we’ve well and truly begun a new era. There are tons of things going on right now, so it’s understandable that some stuff may have slipped your mind. One thing that you’ll need to take notice of soon is the end of the tax year, coming up in just a couple weeks. That came around quickly, huh?

If you’re looking over the numbers and thinking it couldn’t hurt to do a bit more next year, we couldn’t agree more. Our mission in life, after all, is to get YOU more revenue through better marketing. And in the wake of the new decade, we figured there’s nothing more appropriate than pointing out important distinctions in catering to a new-age audience, and how to make the most of your digital marketing in 2020! So today we’re here to help you communicate with digital natives; those that are most easily contactable through a digital space – and therefore highly profitable through the use of digital marketing.


  1. Make sure you know who you’re talking to

One of the easiest ways to waste money on digital marketing is to show ads to people who don’t care about your product. A person with no pets will do nothing with an ad for dog food, and when presented with one, will scroll past almost immediately. So by paying for your advertising to appear in this person’s digital sphere, you’re throwing money away with almost no chance at making it back.

This is the entire idea behind targeting. Picking out a specific audience you know would be interested in your product, and choosing only to show your advertisements to them. One of the best things about digital marketing is that most platforms make this incredibly easy to do. Take Facebook, for example – with over 2 billion active users, they’ve created specific and easy-to-use platforms to help you pick and choose your ideal customer base. Check out the eBook we wrote on this exact topic to learn more about how to use them.

  1. Make sure those people are listening

In today’s screen-driven marketing environment, visuals are everything. For every one of your ads your customer sees, they see another 20 from your competitors. Not to mention the hundreds of others they see day-to-day for other products and services, most of which they forget within minutes. So all of your marketing visuals, from your Facebook ads to your website header, need to be eye-catching (to say the least)!

It’s important that you’re capturing your viewer’s attention EXTREMELY quickly, because they’re pretty likely to scroll past even if it is something that could interest them. The best way to do this is by using bright, interesting, and aesthetically pleasing images that align with your message and branding. It can be expensive to buy new stock images for every new ad you run – that’s why we highly recommend services like Scopio which offer access to unlimited image downloads for a low fee.

  1. Make sure you’re speaking their language

Digital natives are pretty hard to impress. They have easy access to near-unlimited content, the majority of which is free to access, and boy do they know it! This means, once you’ve caught their attention (see point 2), you need to find a way to keep it. They’re eager for interaction and something that will entertain them, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes.

That’s why content forms like quizzes, polls, calculators, and chatbots are so popular and have such high conversion rates – PEOPLE LOVE INTERACTION, and this goes especially for digital natives! These forms of media present an easy way for people to have their say and find a source of entertainment to share with friends and family quickly. This creates the perfect opportunity for marketers to take advantage of: internet users are willing to generate free marketing research for you, and invite their friends and family to do the same!

It’s super easy to get started using this to your advantage – consider posting polls on Facebook, adding interactive options to your Instagram stories, and investing in a programme like Outgrow which will allow you to create interactive content specific to your product and industry.

  1. Make sure you’re keeping in touch in the right ways

Digital natives don’t check their email spam box. They don’t check their voicemail. And they certainly don’t check their mailboxes. But think back to the last time you were on a bus, train, or even just walking down the street. How many people had their eyes glued to their cell phone? Probably most of them! This is the nature of digital natives. Everything from their calendars, to their entertainment, to their main form of communication, is all through their cell phone screens.

Connecting with them through their cell phones is a must – this includes the obvious ones like social media and email, but there are other options that can be useful too. For example, communicating through SMS is one of the most effective ways to reach your customers, because it sends directly to their cell phones, no internet required. Software like Clicksend will help you to take advantage of the hugely effective SMS, MMS, and Rich Messaging communications, as well as email marketing, all in one place.


As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions, and visit our Tools page to access to best in digital marketing programs!

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