With the huge emphasis on using social media platforms for your business, email marketing can be overlooked. You might be wondering; is email even relevant when you can use Facebook or Instagram? The answer is yes!

Why an email marketing campaign?

Email is up to 40% more effective than social media. Social media makes it easy to scroll pasts ads and the algorithms mean that if someone isn’t really engaging with your content, they’re less likely to see it. People who sign up for your mailing list are saying they want to hear from you and are expecting your emails – direct into their inbox. The average person checks their email a grand total of 15 times per day in fact! You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to connect with your customers.

Email is also a relatively inexpensive marketing method. You don’t have to spend money on promotion, fancy graphics. If you’re not the best writer, we recommend you hire a copywriter but if you’re feeling comfortable and confident with your writing you can go right ahead!

How to create a successful email campaign:

There are a couple of key actions you should take for effective email marketing:


People love it when you add in their name into the subject line with a merge field. They are more likely to click and read your email! But that’s not the only way you can personalize an email. You can use email to remind them of a product they were looking at but didn’t buy, a location-specific celebration or send different emails based on age, gender or interests!


Automation will save you time and money. Set up the emails for the next few weeks and you’ll be able to forget about them until it’s time to do it again. There is a range of email marketing services out there, but we recommend Ontraport – an all-in-one system for automating your email marketing and more! You can set up an automation that will send birthday messages to a customer when it’s their birthday, that will send them digital products they’ve bought off you or you could even automate your whole onboarding process.


Segmenting your will help increase your open rate and engagement. Once you start growing your mailing list, you will undoubtedly have subscribers after different pieces of information. For example, at DIY we have some users interested in digital marketing and others interested in business growth – users get categorised. Segmenting ensures that your users get what they want from you, increases engagement and reduces users unsubscribing.


Make sure you’re compliant with the anti-spam laws in your specific country before sending out your first email. Generally, you’re not allowed to send emails to people unless they’ve specifically agreed to receive your emails through a checkbox or something similar. Buying email lists is a big no-no, so collect your contacts organically through a form on your website. Try offering something free for them to encourage them to sign up – a free one-page guide or discount, for example. If you start sending suspicious emails to contacts who haven’t subscribe, email marketing platforms will ban you from their service- it’s not worth the cost!

What should your email marketing include?

So, what do you send that’s different from what you post on social media? You can think of email as an expanded version of social media. Social media is for very short, brief updates, whereas email is suitable for one or two paragraphs with a couple of images.

You can tell more of a story in your emails, display more images, and go more in-depth. Some of the things we recommend you include as part of your email marketing strategy include:

  • Sales and deals – Sending email coupons drive more sales online!
  • New products – show off what’s new to your customers to incite interest.
  • Industry-related news or advice – especially relevant for B2B or service industry emails,
  • Birthday emails – collect a customer’s birthday data and automate an email with a birthday offer, it’ll be sure to build a good relationship with your customers.
  • Newsletter – you can set up a weekly, fortnightly or monthly newsletter and include a little bit of everything we’ve already mentioned for your customer. A simple way to connect with your customers!


Email marketing is still a great way to increase your revenue especially when you consider it is more effective than social media! Remember to try to personalise your emails and save yourself time by automating your email marketing. Always read through your country’s relevant email marketing laws to keep things legal too. If you’ve never done email marketing before, it might be a good idea to start with a simple fortnightly newsletter – a little bit of time invested could get you some amazing results!

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