If your business sells physical (or digital) goods, you need an eCommerce store! In the United States, an average of 8 out of 10 Americans shop online – and the statistics are probably similar in your country, too! Having an eCommerce store is a great start, and setting it up is straightforward. But getting it right? Now that’s a lot harder.

Whether you know it or not, your eCommerce store could be a bit of a leaky faucet, with potential sales slipping through the cracks. Don’t worry, though, it’s not the Titanic all over again. Your store may be staying afloat, but you could be losing sales, even when you think things are running smoothly.

But I already get a few sales, can it get even better?

Now, even if you feel your store is doing pretty well and you’ve got a nice little flow of orders coming in, there could still be a few hidden leaks you could patch up. These changes can help to increase your sales and keep potential customers from slipping through the cracks during their buying journey. Aspects such as design and navigation can all be improved to create a better customer journey. If your eCommerce store is getting is lacking in any of these areas, you could be missing out on revenue!

Mobile responsiveness is especially important- can a customer easily browse your products and make a purchase using their mobile phone? If not, we can almost guarantee you’ll be missing out on sales!

So in order to help you fix your leaky eCommerce store, Grow Digital Marketing found a great infographic from the team over at RedStagFulfillment, that has pulled together the best information from around the web to show you some of the biggest ‘leaks’ in the eCommerce industry that is most likely affecting your store. So take a look at the infographic below and find out what you can do to help fix your leaky store.

eCommerce value tips and tools

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If you’re needing to patch up your eCommerce store and can’t find the time or it’s all a bit too confusing for you, get in touch with us and we can connect you to the best eCommerce experts we know.

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