Got a viable eCommerce idea? Let us help you take action and build an eCommerce strategy to make your idea a reality.

Our team of eCommerce experts have curated the perfect eBook with practical guidance to setting up your eCommerce store. We are going to share a few of these with you today and you can read about the rest in our eBook!

You will need an existing product idea to be able to market it and share it with your audience – Afterall, you can’t sell a secret!

But who are your audience?

To gain a better understanding of the demand for your product, you need to Research the Market. Check out our eBook to find out questions you can ask yourself to get your research underway!

Build Your Website

Building a website can be one of the challenging parts of setting up an eCommerce store. We suggest that you break it down into three parts:

Choose a platform – For a first timer, you need a platform that is easy to use, customisable and has a support line for all your queries. We recommend using Shopify as it is an affordable and user-friendly platform!

Choose your design – From your market research, you should now be able to identify your target audience. The theme and layout of your website should match their likes, interests and personality in order to gain high website traffic.

Content – Demonstrate your value proposition to your audience and use your content to build trust and credibility in your brand. Find out how to build trust in our eBook!

Get Your Website Found

Once you have set up your eCommerce store, you need to get your website out there!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential marketing strategy for all ecommerce companies. But how does it work? Read about it in our eBook!

Make sure you sign up with Google My Business. It is a free internet-based service designed to help promote local businesses online. This will definitely increase the credibility of your online store!

Measure Your ROI

Once your business is gaining visitors and conversions, you will need to measure your ROI to understand the progress and success rate of your idea.

We have mentioned some of the strategies to increase the success of your business such as SEO and Google My Business. These can be considered as investments whose profit needs to be measured.

The simple formula to calculate ROI is [(PROFIT – INVESTMENT) / (INVESTMENT)] X 100

Use this for all your investments to determine which ones to optimise more or less in the future.

Launching a successful ecommerce store can feel daunting, but if you make the right choices from the start and have a detailed plan, you’re on the right track! Be sure to check out our eBook to get a comprehensive practical guide for a successful eCommerce Strategy.


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