7 Top Tips for using Instagram in 2019

So, you’ve got a Facebook Business Page set up, and now you’re wondering what platform you should enter next? Instagram could be the platform for you! We’ve put together our top tips for using Instagram that will help you build a successful brand with engaged followers.

Be active!

Don’t just create an Instagram page and think the job is done! Make sure you’re posting unique and original content often – we even recommend once a day. Your followers have followed you because they want to see your content and hear more about your business. Remember to post a mix of promotional and non-promotional content, just as we have recommended in our Facebook blog here.

The more you post, the more you’ll increase your organic reach too, meaning more people will see your posts without you needing to pay for paid promotions.

Access millennials and generation Z

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If your business is targeting those in their 20’s or early 30’s, Instagram is a platform you should consider for your business. Millennials are now the largest generation, bigger than baby boomers, and they have the largest spending power of any generation. Use Instagram to target this lucrative market and you’ll be sure to see results!

If you’re a business that targets a market outside of this age group, it might be good to reconsider if Instagram right for your business- you don’t need every social media platform, so pick the ones that are the best fit for your business. A 19-year-old is unlikely to be shopping for a life insurance policy, just as a 57-year-old is unlikely to be interested in festival-ready fashion!

Have a deliberate, curated theme

Part of the reason Instagram is more popular than Twitter is that is an image-based platform. Images are better at catching people’s attention plus they make it easier for people to remember your ad.

This does mean a little more effort on your part- it’s not a good idea to put any old picture on Instagram. There needs to be an element of deliberate curation of your Instagram feed, whether you come up with some kind of colour scheme for your feed, have every third image as a picture text quote or get professionals to come in and product content you can use to post on Instagram.

Because of this, Instagram is more effective for food, travel, clothing and beauty businesses where the focus is on what the product looks like.

Use hashtags

Although the way people use hashtags has changed considerably over the past 10 years, using hashtags on Instagram is still an important part of your strategy – but gone are the days of #unrelatedhashtags.

Use hashtags that relate to your business and what your potential customers might be searching Instagram for. For example, if you are a boutique clothing store in London try hashtags such as #londonfashion #londonboutique #fashionfix and #dress. You can also look up popular hashtags on Google.

When users search words similar to your hashtags, or for the specific hashtag itself, your posts will be included in the results. More exposure = more customers!

You can post these hashtags at the end of your caption, or in the comments- either way will direct people to your image! You can then track these by clicking ‘View Insights’ on each post- you’ll be able to see how many impressions you had using hashtags under the Discovery section.

Partner with influencers

Influencers are pretty much exactly what the names says – they are individuals who have developed as small (or large) following online and who have a degree of social influence. Using the right influencer will increase your reach and lead to more customers!

There a few important things to remember before you contact someone for a new partnership.

First, the number of followers an influencer has is not necessarily the most important part- you need to make sure their followers are engaged, with their posts getting a high number of likes and comments. This means their followers are engaged with the influencer, translating into more engagement with what they’re sharing- your business!

Secondly, pick someone who matches your industry- for example, if you sell a health product, pick an influencer whose niche is the health and fitness industry over a foodie or fashion influencer.

Don’t be tempted to buy fake followers.

Instagram users can tell when something’s not right with your business – Two thousand followers and only 50 likes on your photos? Eight thousand followers and only 1 comment on your last post? Fake followers will destroy your businesses credibility on Instagram.

This especially matters if you’re an online business. If there’s any reason for potential customers to think your business isn’t credible, they’ll be unlikely to want to purchase anything from you.

Use your content and hashtags to build an organic following- these people are worth far more than what a few thousand fake followers will bring you.

Get personal

This tip mainly applies to small businesses, but something for all businesses to consider. People connect with people- they want to hear your story and see your faces. Images that contain pictures of faces get more likes and engagement, plus your brand will become more relatable for people who come across your page.

Had a bad day? Share what happened on your story. Received your first order for the day? Share that too!

As uncomfortable as it can be to share about yourself on social media, it is proven to build your brand faster and create better engagement! Instagram is the best place for this- challenge yourself to only share pictures with your face in them for a few weeks and see if your engagement increases!


So, there you have it – 7 practical tips for you to build your business on Instagram. Post often, access millennials, have a theme, use hashtags, partner with influencers, don’t buy fake followers and share personal stories to see more success in your business!

Have any other Instagram tips you’d like to share with the DIY community? Contact us now!

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