Nearly 80% Of All Online Carts Are Abandoned

We’ve all done it ourselves in the past. We’ve intended to buy a product, got all the way to the online shopping cart and for some reason we haven’t completed the purchase. It can be down to a number of different factors too. Anything from general life distractions, doubt, hidden costs or just general indecisiveness. The fact is that nearly 80% of all online carts are abandoned and if you think that most of those people will at some point return and make that purchase, unfortunately you’re wrong.

However with a simple yet very effective cart abandonment campaign, you’ll be able to reclaim those lost sales and therefore increase your revenue and maximise your ROI. It’s so important to target these customers as they’re the hottest leads you’ll find, right there at the bottom of your purchasing funnel. So how do you go about creating this type of campaign and what does it look like? Basically it’s a combination of email and Facebook re-targeting.


Email Re-targeting

The key is to send customers a series of strategic emails in order to persuade them to make the purchase. We’d suggest that the first email (usually sent the day after the cart was abandoned) should be a gentle reminder about their missed opportunity, whilst also diffusing any doubts or objections they might have. The second email (usually sent on day two) should have more of a sense of urgency about it. Perhaps offering a coupon with a small discount code that expires in 24hrs. The third and final email sent on the third day should reiterate the urgency of completing the purchase but also giving them an alternative follow up offer or option.


Facebook Re-targeting

As long as you have the Facebook pixel set up correctly on your site, you can create a custom audience consisting of any user that has abandoned a cart and re-target them with specific messaging, similar to that of the email campaign. Firstly target those users with an ad that gently reminds them, followed by a more urgent, offer or incentive based ad.


Two Pronged Attack

Combining an email and Facebook re-targeting campaign will dramatically increase the chance of salvaging those missed sales. It’s one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to increase your ROI by targeting customers who have already shown serious interest in your product or service. So what are you waiting for? Start converting those hot leads now! If you’re unsure of how to set up or run a cart abandonment campaign, one of our partners Ontraport can help make automating your cart abandonment follow-up fast and hassle-free. For more information on how they can help you, click here.

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